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For several years, I’ve been a stay-at-home homeschooling stepmom with a little side business of creating fun and functional educational products. But things have changed! My fantastically talented stepdaughter is now attending art school for high school…a fabulous opportunity for her to study music! Now that we’re not homeschooling, how ever do I fill my days???

Easy! I’m devoting my time to creating and maintaining a warm and wonderful home for my fabulous little family and myself…and, of course, I’m spending more time than ever designing educational products. I'm putting my 12 years of teaching experience (7 years of middle school, 1 year of college, and 4 years of home school) to work!

Oh, I also have a crew of plastic dinosaurs that help me with everything from science experiments to knitting to spreading positive messages across Instagram and Facebook. :)

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