Operation Madness: A Math Game for Practicing Operations with Integers


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Operation Madness is a fun game that students and teachers/parents will enjoy!

Operation Madness provides tons of practice with multiplying, dividing, adding, and subtracting integers...and it's great for getting those brain juices flowing!

A few simple rules lead to a rewarding, challenging, and exciting game that leads to practicing new facts with operations every time. This game is great for math centers, home school practice, or test prep.

The game includes a total of 117 cards:
*8 "starter cards" that will be used to start each game
*68 "number cards" (including 4 wild cards)
*41 "operation cards"
*instructions for game play

Skills include:
*multiplying and dividing positive and negative integers
*adding and subtracting positive and negative integers

***Entire file is 16 pages long. Cards will need to be printed and cut out. Game is for 2 - 4 players...multiple copies may be printed to accommodate larger classes.***

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