Magic, Mayhem, and...Math! : Integer Exponents (A Math Game Full of Adventure!)


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You’re just an innocent villager minding your own business when your tiny village is suddenly attacked by a dragon! A dragon! By cleverly hiding, you manage to avoid being eaten by the dragon (not everyone was so lucky!), and you know what you must do now. You must set out toward the castle to warn the King and Queen that dragons are invading their realm. If you’re the first to get there, you know you’ll be rewarded, so you must hurry! But there’s a catch! You can only reach the castle by applying some nifty math knowledge to your journey. Will you get to the castle first and claim your reward…or will another villager beat you to it?

And that is how Magic, Mayhem, and...Math begins!

Students will have a fantastic time fighting dragons, befriending knights, following woodland creatures, and avoiding scheming princes, princesses, and frogs...all while practicing fantastic math skills. In this version of Magic, Mayhem, and...Math, students will get loads of practice with exponents and operations with exponents. Every game is a new and different adventure!

Downloadable, printable file includes:
*Game board (4 standard-size pages that will need to be taped together)
*Player pieces
*128 adventure tiles
*104 problem cards
*8 blank problem cards (so you can add in any items you're focusing on in class...if you'd like)
*60 gold cards
*1 answer key
*Instructions for game play

Math skills included:
*Raising numbers to powers
*Operations with exponents (multiplying and dividing terms with varying exponents and the same base, raising powers to powers)
*Writing expressions in exponential form
*Negative exponents
*Exponent vocabulary
*Evaluating exponential expressions

***Entire file is 37 pages long. Printing and preparation will be needed. In addition to printed pages, you will need scissors (for cutting out cards) and tape (for assembling game board and player pieces). Cutting out pieces and assembling will take you less than two episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (Really! I timed it...I was only about 10 minutes into the second episode when I finished.) :) Students will need pencils and paper when playing.***

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