Real Number System Task Cards: Set of 40 Nerdy Dino-Themed Task Cards


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Task cards are a great way to review and practice with concepts without overwhelming or boring students! Students can work at their own pace answering one card at a time.

This set of 40 task cards provides lots of fun and practice with the Real Number System (and a bit of a nod to imaginary numbers)! Activities range from quick, simple "identify the sets" activities to more creative fun like thinking about the infinite rational and irrational numbers between two whole numbers. All of the cards have a nerdy dino theme, but don't worry...these dinosaurs are friendly and not at all bite-y!

Cards are great for centers, tutoring, bell ringers, early finishers, or test prep.

Skills and knowledge include (but not limited to!):

*identifying number sets
*thinking about how the number sets work together
*generating examples of rational and irrational numbers
*thinking about numbers that don't belong to the Real Numbers

Pages for students to record their responses to all activities are provided. (Of course, students could also put their work in a notebook or folder...or anything that works for your class.)

***Cards will need to be printed and cut out to prepare for students. Entire file is 16 pages. Each card is 3.5" tall and 5" wide.***

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